Challenge Overview

The customer has partnered with F9Infotech to utilize AWS Storage Gateway File Gateway for archiving their on-premises data to AWS, enhancing their backup solutions to be secure, scalable, and cost-effective. The infrastructure is consists of EC2 instances with Auto Scaling, RDS for database management, AWS WAF and Config for security, S3 for hosting, and CloudFront for CDN services. We configured the gateway, established file shares, and connected it to on-premises servers to streamline data transfer. For data Archiving, we utilize S3 bucket rules and lifecycle policies for cost-efficient storage in Glacier. The setup is monitored using CloudWatch and CloudTrail, ensuring performance and continuous data management.

Customer Introduction

Cyberintelsys is security solutions-based company established in 2019. The company has a strong reputation for delivering effective cyber security solutions that have resulted in satisfied clients across continents.

Our Approach

Our approach to implementing the AWS Storage Gateway File Gateway for efficient data archiving included setting up a seamless integration between on-premises servers and AWS cloud storage. Additionally, we streamlined data archiving with S3 bucket rules and lifecycle policies to facilitate cost-effective storage transitions to Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive.

Solution Overview

F9 Infotech, we provide our customer with a highly adaptable and secure cloud computing environment that empowered them to run their business with confidence. Our solution was designed in accordance with industry best practices, ensuring maximum reliability and security.

Drawing on our analysis of traffic, demand, and load patterns, we collaborated with the customer to develop a scalable and agile architecture. After careful consideration, we recommended Amazon Web Services as the ideal hosting platform, offering unparalleled security, usability, mobility, and an exceptional end-user experience.

In this solution, we’ve deployed the AWS Storage Gateway File Gateway to facilitate efficient data archiving between on-premises servers and AWS cloud storage. Current infrastructure includes a VPC with dedicated subnets, Auto Scaling groups with an Application Load Balancer for high availability, and RDS for database management. Security is managed through AWS WAF and AWS Config, with SSL/TLS certificates handled by AWS Certificate Manager, and DNS managed by Route 53. The implementation of the AWS Storage Gateway File Gateway involves setting up the gateway, creating file shares, and connecting it to on-premises servers. Data archiving is enhanced with S3 bucket rules and lifecycle policies that transition files to cost-effective Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive storage. System health and performance are monitored via CloudWatch and CloudTrail logging, ensuring efficient and secure operations.

Benefits Delivered to Customer

The implementation of AWS Storage Gateway File Gateway brings several benefits to the customer. Firstly, it establishes seamless connectivity between on-premises servers and AWS cloud storage, providing a flexible and scalable solution. The optimization of data archiving through S3 bucket rules and lifecycle policies enhances cost-effectiveness. Monitoring tools like CloudWatch Alarms and CloudTrail logging contribute to operational health, while periodic reviews and recovery testing ensure resilience in data management. Overall, the implementation enhances archiving efficiency, aligns with compliance standards, and fortifies the customer’s data management capabilities in a cloud environment.

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