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Security intelligence refers to the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information related to potential security threats to an organization. The goal of security intelligence is to provide organizations with the information they need to identify, assess, and mitigate potential security threats.

Overall, security intelligence provides organizations with the insights and context they need to understand and respond to current and emerging security threats, thus enabling them to take proactive measures to mitigate and prevent them.

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Data collection & Data analysis

This involves gathering information from a variety of sources, such as network logs, security devices, and external threat feeds. This data is used to identify potential security threats and to understand the tactics, techniques, and procedures of attackers. This involves using tools and techniques to analyze the collected data to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies that could indicate a security threat. This can include using machine learning algorithms, statistical analysis, and data visualization.

Dissemination & Continuous improvement

This is the process of sharing the threat intelligence with relevant parties in the organization, such as security teams, incident responders, and management. This involves continuous monitoring of the organization’s environment, external sources, and threat landscape, as well as updating and refining the security intelligence process to improve its effectiveness over time.

Threat intelligence

This is the process of taking the analyzed data and turning it into actionable intelligence that can be used to inform security decisions. This can include identifying the specific threats that an organization is facing, as well as providing information on the tactics and techniques used by attackers.

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