As technology advances, cloud platforms revolutionize how people collaborate and operate their businesses. With the migration of business-critical workloads and data to the cloud, the traditional perimeter-based access control is no longer applicable or suitable. F9 Cloud Security solutions provide the tools & necessary guidance with best practices for protecting sensitive data and trusted accounts from cybercriminals. Our technology offers a reliable platform that covers every device, identity, application & workload in your organization and gives you a secure connection to all your customers.


Cloud-based Identity and Access Management

Intelligent data classification, information rights management, and data loss prevention (DLP) from all egress points to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Cloud-based privileged identity management.
Insider risk management.
Regulatory security baseline requirements and management.

Challenges You May Face

hallenges with Cloud that need attention. 

Inability to monitor and manage computing resources. 

Insufficient user authorization restrictions
Insufficient skilled resources in the cloud security field
Insecure interfaces and APIs
Insider threat (employee or contractor negligence)
Notifying customers impacted by data breaches can be challenging

Why F9

F9 has a wealth of experience in Cyber Security, offering bespoke solutions and services to meet your company’s specific needs. We provide priority to the cloud native security features and controls that don’t require any extra licenses or products, our consulting and deployment services focus on identifying all the rich security & compliance controls available as native within the Cloud service provider. With this you can benefit from our added value. Our people, process and technology approach allow us to effectively collaborate with our customers to quickly identify their identity issues and prioritize them based on severity.

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