Accelerate your cloud transformation with Google Cloud

Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) is a fully managed service that lets you run the VMware platform in Google Cloud. In order for you to use the VMware platform effectively and securely, Google manages the infrastructure, networking, and administration services.

Google Cloud VMware Engine provides businesses with a quicker, simpler, and more affordable path to a hybrid cloud while enabling the modernization of applications. The best option for moving your on-premises office to the cloud, scaling datacenter extensions, disaster recovery (DR), or focusing on remote workforce enablement is Google Cloud VMware Engine.

Modernize your infrastructure and operations

Achieve benefits that are only possible in the cloud while escaping the administrative load of managing physical infrastructure. You may optimize application performance with Google Cloud VMware Engine by choosing the appropriate capacity and having the flexibility to extend or decrease it as necessary. Run virtual machines on nodes with high densities and use affordable cloud storage and disaster recovery options to reduce TCO.

Modernize your apps and unlock new insights

Get private, high-bandwidth, low-latency access to cutting-edge Google Cloud services by enhancing your apps and running both VMs and containers on Google Cloud VMware Engine. Connecting to native Google Cloud Platform services like BigQuery, CloudAI, and machine learning will enable your company to create new innovative services and derive valuable insights from current data in real-time.

Why Google Cloud VMware Engine?

The Google Cloud VMware Engine provides a consistent operational experience that enables you to smoothly move and manage workloads using the same VMware tools and technologies you are accustomed to using right now. Both the infrastructure and operations stack are VMware-based. With the help of the solution, you can quickly transition to rich Google Cloud Services to maximize your cloud transformation while also modernizing your infrastructure and apps.

  • Groundbreaking networking: biggest private data network in the world with high-performance networking fabric. A VPC’s subnets can be deployed anywhere that Google Cloud VMware Engine is available thanks to simplified regional and global routing, enabling you to design global networks without having to create and connect regional network designs.
  • Company insights: Powerful data analytics and advanced AI/ML skills to guide business decisions.
  • Business transformation: Leading provider of SaaS and cloud-native applications, Google Cloud offers a wide range of services to help you transform your company.
  • Data security and privacy leader in risk mitigation, security, and compliance. Industry certifications to satisfy the demanding compliance requirements of consumers
  • Environmentally friendly: Where available, Google Cloud data centers run entirely on renewable energy, using only 50% of the energy of a normal DC.
  • What is Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) ?

    Without altering their existing software, hardware, or operational procedures, businesses can easily transition to the cloud and operate their VMware workloads with Google Cloud VMware Engine. This solution enables you to update your infrastructure, operations, and processes by providing flexible on-demand capacity and complete operational consistency with your current on-premises settings.

     The service comprises VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, and VMware NSX solutions for compute, storage, and network virtualization, as well as VMware vCenter management, all of which are running on dedicated, elastic Google Cloud bare-metal infrastructure. Google Cloud VMware Engine offers customers quick node deployment (in less than an hour), saves them time and money. The service can fulfill the demands of demanding enterprise workloads thanks to its 99.99% availability Customers benefit from the cloud’s agility, scale, and cutting-edge services while retaining operational consistency and making use of their current tools and expertise.

    Google Cloud VMware Engine Distinctive advantages

    The strengths of Google Cloud are combined in Google Cloud VMware Engine, which offers a cloud-native VMware experience as a Google-managed service.

    • Accelerated migration: In less than an hour, provision a full VMware SDDC Without altering tools or apps, you can quickly switch to Google Cloud and scale with on-demand capacity.
    • Enterprise-ready:To serve demanding enterprise workloads, use industry-leading VMware capabilities running on Google Cloud VMware Engine’s dedicated cluster design with 100 Gbps east-west networking, no bandwidth oversubscription, and four 9s of availability in a single zone.
    • Application modernization: To improve your apps and operate both virtual machines (VMs) and containers on Google Cloud VMware Engine, get private access to cutting-edge Google Cloud data analytics/AI/ML services like BigQuery and CloudAI.
    • Consistent operations: Leverage existing skills with familiar VMware tools and reduce the burden of lifecycle management. unified end-to-end experience for pricing, identification, and access control with other Google Cloud services. wide acceptance of well-liked third-party solutions
    • Reduced TCO: With an average TCO reduction of 38% compared to on-prem1, save time and money. Save money with vSphere’s strong resource optimization capabilities, high node density for the money, and reduced migration fees.


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