The digital age has seen a rise in virtual identities, making evaluating and controlling access to each identity more critical than ever. Companies have shifted their focus from simply implementing data centre to ideation, creating hybrid environments such as “On-Prem”, “Cloud”, and “SaaS services”. With users now working remotely and bringing their own devices, the evaluation process has become increasingly complex to identify “Who has access to what Systems or Applications and Why? 

At our company, we help customers streamline their Identity Governance and Access Management processes and build a future-proof framework. We also assist in creating roadmaps for maturity, implementing technologies, and providing support throughout their Identity and Access Management journey.


Identity Lifecycle Management

IAM assessment with comprehensive requirements, involving necessary stakeholders

Privileged Access Management

Multi-Factor Authentication

End-to-end services such as advisory, consulting, implementation, and managed services.

Challenges You May Face

Identity Security is like an iceberg; while the visible requirements are above the surface and can be easily seen, the underlying complexity and pain points remain hidden. That is why we consider Identity Management a Program rather than a Project.

Common Challenges

Failing to recognize the necessity for an Identity and Access Management (IAM) assessment with comprehensive requirements, use cases, and roadmaps.

Failing to involve the necessary stakeholders in the process.

Large-scale projects aimed at quickly transferring all users to a new system

Why F9

F9’s Managed Services offer the industry-best solutions, technology, and expertise to help secure your information assets relentlessly.

With more than 3 years of experience in the Information Security field in the Middle East region,F9 has worked with multiple vendor solutions in the Identity & Access Management Space across customers of various verticals such as Government, BFSI, Telecom, Manufacturing, Healthcare and others, while Industry Foresight was fed by our relations with the key Identity focused Analysts.

We realize that Identity & Access Management being the new security perimeter is a critical and primary focused area for our customers and with the buzz words of Password-less, Zero Trust, ITDR and so on to meet the growing demand, we established a dedicated Business Unit with certified Identity specialists to address the Identity Security for our customers.

At F9, we believe in the power of people, process, and technology to identify the unique challenges our customers face and prioritize critical pain-points based on their severity. This best-practice approach allows us to provide the best possible solutions. Hence, F9 is able to offer end to end necessary Services such as Advisory, Consulting, Implementation & Managed Services.

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