Utilize the power of the cloud while leveraging existing VMware investments, expertise, and tools.​

Azure VMware Solution is built on VMware Cloud Foundation – a comprehensive offering of software-defined compute, storage, networking, and management – deployed in Azure along with an integrated set of Azure services. Customers can capitalize on their existing VMware skills and tools while leveraging the global Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Azure VMware Solution enables a fast path to the cloud, seamlessly migrating or extending existing VMware workloads from on-premises environments to Azure without the cost, effort, or risk of re-architecting applications or retooling operations. Build, run, manage, and secure applications across VMware environments and Microsoft Azure while leveraging familiar and established VMware tools, skills, and processes

Transitioning to the cloud presents a number of challenges.

The rapid migration of on-premises workloads to the cloud for enterprises all over the world has been aided by the expansion and maturity of cloud computing, as well as developments in application development. Despite these developments, businesses are still having trouble migrating existing workloads to the cloud swiftly and effectively.

The following are some of the obstacles that are commonly encountered when adopting a cloud strategy:

  • Inconsistent operations in the cloud and on-premises
  • Inadequate skill sets and the need for new procedures
  • Disparate management tools and security controls
  • Complex Application Refactoring
  • Inconsistent application of Service Level Agreements
  • Incompatible machine formats
  • High upfront expenses for refactoring and revalidation
  • Reduced agility due to refactoring and workload migration delays

With Azure VMware Solution, Organizations Can Rise to the Occasion

The Azure VMware Solution combines VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, and VMware NSX-TTM virtualization technologies to provide a unified VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). VMware HCX, a workload mobility technology designed to make cloud migrations easier, is also offered. Customers may deploy the Azure VMware Solution SDDC directly on dedicated bare-metal Azure infrastructure and leverage their existing VMware skills, tools, and investments. This ensures operational consistency while using Azure’s scale, performance, and innovation.

The VMware SDDC’s worth in the Azure Cloud

Extending on-premises workloads to the cloud has organizational benefits that go beyond technology developments. Another important motivation is to enable businesses to realize big cost savings. Customers may use the Azure VMware Solution to cut costs, improve efficiency, and update applications.

Best of both worlds: The professional software from VMware paired with Azure’s flexibility and speed

Zero refactoring: Costs are down by 69 percent, and migration time is down from years to months.

Existing skills: Leverage existing skills to save time and money on extra training.

Cloud economics: Infrastructure and operational reductions reduce TCO compared to typical on-premises and native cloud settings.


  • Continuity, scalability, and quick provisioning for your VMware workloads on Azure’s global infrastructure
  • vSphere, HCX, NSX-T, and vSAN are all familiar VMware technologies that may be used to use existing VMware investments, expertise, and tools while ensuring operational consistency.
  • Use Azure as the best cloud for your Microsoft workloads and benefit from unbeatable pricing for Windows Server and SQL Server.
  • Integrate VMware apps with Azure native management, security, and services to modernize them at your own pace.


The compelling economics of Azure VMware Solution

While there are other solutions that can help organizations get to the cloud, Azure VMware Solution stands out because of its unique set of characteristics. It also adds value to enterprises trying to make the move to the cloud while meeting the needs of various stakeholders inside the organization.

Microsoft apps are less expensive for business owner

  • Free extended security updates for Windows and SQL Server2008 and 2012
  • Support for Microsoft 365 in Horizon virtual desktop environments
  • Bring and use existing on-premises Windows and SQL Server licenses with Azure Hybrid Benefit

Simplify multi-environment operations for IT administration teams

  • Unified consumption, licensing and invoicing with other Azure services
  • Azure Resource Manager automation templates supported
  • Events, alerts, and logs available in both environments

Deliver modern applications in developer-friendly settings

  • Access to Azure’s market-leading PaaS services with ease
  • VMware SDDC management integrated into the Azure portal
  • Unified permissions and access control across both environments
  • Deploy cloud-native applications on Azure VMware Solution using the VMware Tanzu enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform.

Deliver modern applications in developer-friendly settingsS

Datacenter Footprint Reduction and Migration

Organizations can decrease their on-premises infrastructure footprint by non-disruptively, automatically, and scalable “onetime re-deployment” of their vSphere-based workloads to Azure.

Datacenter Expansion

Organizations may swiftly scale-out data center capacity on demand for seasonal, temporary, or regional needs with flexible payment options available with Azure VMware Solutions

Cloud Desktop Virtualization

To burst on-premises virtual desktops to the cloud or secure them from disaster, use high-performance hardware and fast networking for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

Application Modernization

Developers may use Azure’s service and partner ecosystem to update and modernize their applications without having to rewrite them from the ground up.

Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

With VMware Site Recovery Manager or partner solutions, use the VMware stack hosted in Azure as a fully consistent on-demand disaster recovery site for on-premises data center infrastructure.

Reduced IT Costs

Leverage Azure Hybrid Benefit to bring your Windows Server and SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance to Azure VMware Solution and free extended security updates for Windows Server , SQL Server 2008 and 2012

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