Customer Introduction

Cyberintelsys is a well-established digital security solutions company that was founded in 2019 in Bangalore. The company has a strong reputation for delivering effective solutions that have resulted in satisfied clients across continents. Cyberintelsys has a comprehensive services framework that follows a clearly defined and results-oriented path, providing complete end- to-end resolution of cybersecurity challenges. With a focus on threat intelligence and risk management, our integrated approach has made us a trusted partner for many clients across different industries and regions.

Challenge Overview

Cyberintelsys requires a reliable data backup solution to protect their critical data from loss due to system failures, human errors, or cyber threats. The key challenges include

  • Data Volume and Scalability: Managing large volumes of data that continuously grow, requiring scalable solutions that can adapt without compromising performance or security.
  • Integration with Existing Infrastructure: Seamlessly integrating with existing on-premises and cloud-based systems to ensure consistent and efficient data backup processes.
  • Data Recovery Speed and Reliability: Ensuring quick and reliable data recovery to minimize downtime and maintain operational continuity in the event of data loss.
  • Cost Management: Balancing the need for a comprehensive backup solution with budget constraints, aiming for cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Requirements: Meeting regulatory requirements related to data protection and system availability.

Our Approach

Our approach to implementing File Gateway for efficient data archiving included setting up a seamless integration between on-premises servers and AWS cloud storage. Additionally, we streamlined data archiving with S3 bucket rules and lifecycle policies to facilitate cost-effective storage transitions to Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive.

Solution Overview

At F9 Infotech, we provide our customers with a highly adaptable and secure cloud computing environment, empowering them to run their businesses with confidence. Our solutions are designed in accordance with industry best practices, ensuring maximum reliability and security.

By closely analyzing traffic, demand, and load patterns, we worked hand-in-hand with our Al Safadi to develop a highly scalable and flexible solution. Our recommendation of Amazon Web Services as the optimal hosting platform was a result of careful consideration, as it offers unmatched levels of security, usability, mobility, and an exceptional end-user experience. F9 Infotech’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the outstanding results we deliver to our clients.

In this solution, we’ve deployed the AWS File Gateway to facilitate efficient data archiving between on-premises servers and AWS cloud storage. Current infrastructure includes a VPC with dedicated subnets, Auto Scaling groups with an Application Load Balancer for high availability, and RDS for database management. Security is managed through AWS WAF and AWS Config, with SSL/TLS certificates handled by AWS Certificate Manager, and DNS managed by Route 53. The implementation of the AWS File Gateway involves setting up the gateway, creating file shares, and connecting it to on-premises servers. Data archiving is enhanced with S3 bucket rules and lifecycle policies that transition files to cost-effective Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive storage. System health and performance are monitored via CloudWatch and CloudTrail logging, ensuring efficient and secure operations.

Benefits Delivered to Customer

Cyberintelsys Increases Data Archiving Efficiency by 60% and Improves System Performance with AWS File Gateway

  • 60% Increase in Data Archiving Efficiency: Enhanced data archiving with S3 bucket rules and lifecycle policies transitions files to cost effective Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive storage, improving efficiency by 60%.
  • Improved System Performance: System health and performance are monitored via CloudWatch and CloudTrail logging, ensuring efficient and secure operations.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Continuous monitoring and logging provide robust security, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of archived data.

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