Challenge Overview

The customer aims at modifying their websites used for online news platforms under the F9infotech portfolio. The customer also intends to undertake professional services to migrate and optimize their current website hosting infrastructure. They required to maximize their business while leveraging best in class technology and mobility as a key tool in their pursuit of strengthening AWS Infrastructure.

Customer Introduction

Sathyamonline is one of the top e-news platforms in Kerala that allows people all over the world to read up-to-date news in a variety of fields such as entertainment, national, international, business, Bollywood, Hollywood, politics, sports, and education

Our Approach

We conducted an assessment of the existing infrastructure to enhance the functionality and security of the platform. Our specialists used tools and different methods tools for a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the platform, and to identify areas for improvement considering different factors such as performance, Security, and Functionality.

Solution Overview

F9 Infotech, we provide our customer with the most adaptable and secure cloud computing environment, giving them the power and assurance they require to run their business safely. This solution was created with consideration for industry best practices, making it extremely reliable and secure.

Based on their research of traffic, demand, and load patterns, we helped the customer create a scalable and adaptive architecture. We suggested Amazon Web Services as a hosting platform as the most effective solution to provide security, usability, mobility, and an enhanced end-user experience.

Based on the assessment of the platform we have limited explicit access to website servers outside of the cloud network. To Meet Business requirements, we have used RDS for database service, and AWS Light sail as front-end servers with elastic load balancing to handle traffic and business continuity. Additionally, to protect our customers’ websites from hackers and malware issues, we have configured a native AWS service that provides an extra layer of security and filters incoming traffic to the webpage.

Benefits Delivered to Customer

The customer has seen a remarkable transformation of their platform by leveraging multiple native AWS services including RDS, ELB, and Elastic Compute Cloud to host the application and website designated for different operations and provide secure and resizable compute instances. Also, there is a layer of security from AWS is provided and automated backup and notification.

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